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What is Sound Balancing?

The use of sound in a therapeutic way is universal amongst many cultures around the World. Sound cannot only help us relax, connect us with others, and make us dance – it can also be useful in helping us heal and move past the personal blocks we have accumulated over our lifetime that can affect our daily quality of life.

Now unlike music recorded from instruments or voice, the method of Sound Balancing we are referring to entails the use of tuning forks that produce sound waves that interact with the human Biofield. The human Biofield is electromagnetic energy that surrounds the body up to 6 feet in diameter and has been measured and verified scientifically. It is commonly known as the aura. Sound Balancing is a simple, non-invasive, and an efficient method to restore energy to this Biofield.

During a session tuning forks are used within the Biofield to locate energy blocks within the field and to dissolve them with the vibration of the fork. Most of these blocks relate to past traumas, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. As negative and stuck energy get released it opens the door for new energy to emerge; this new energy could also be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Tuning Forks induce deep relaxation, allowing the energy centers of the body to digest and get rid of energies that no longer serve us. Sound Balancing is safe for all ages; pregnant women and cancer patients are not advised to use this therapy as it can induce labor and cause the body to detox heavily, stressing out an already compromised immune system.

Similar to Reiki, Sound Balancing can be done in person or long-distance, each being equally effective. A Sound Balancing session is even more effective when combined with Reiki because the practice of Reiki opens up the energy centers of the body and clears them, allowing the tuning forks to work overtime as they release unneeded energy to be metabolized within the Biofield.

As this negative energy leaves our field we are able to move past the things that are holding us back from living our full potential. Sometimes it can help us clearly see what people, things, or situations we need to let go of in order to begin living a life more aligned with our higher self and purpose. It can also help us release stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other hindrances so that we can better enjoy the life we already lead. Usually a little bit of both happens working to create a more balanced and harmonious life overall.

Thank you for reading! Contact me with any questions or to setup a FREE Energetic Profile and get started on the journey towards health, wellness, and a better, stronger connection to your inner self.




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