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Sacred Sol Retreats

Granby Lake, CO
Sulphur Hot Springs, CO
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Mountainous Landscape by the Sea

Lake Granby Wellness Retreat

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All Genders / Beings Welcome!
4 days / 3 nights
(optional extended stay)
Pricing Incentives and Discounts
A $1000 value
only $499!

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Sacred Sol Banner new (2).png

Join us in the beautiful mountains of Colorado for four days and three nights of self care, inner exploration, and community connection.

Enjoy a group trip to Hot Sulphur Springs and free time for hiking, paddle boarding, or other activities.


Limited Space Available
Contact us to secure your spot today!

Bring your friends, family, or loved one, and receive a $15 discount on your retreat per individual (up to $45 off!)

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Sacred Sol Banner new (2).png

Application Form
Please download and send to the facilitator you are coordinating with.


Retreat Details

This amazing retreat will be hosted just outside the stunning town of Granby, Colorado. The high-end retreat space is located only 20 minutes from lake Granby and is close to many hiking trails. There will be free time during the retreat for participants to choose from activities like hiking, paddle boarding, boating, or kayaking. We will be preparing fresh and organic meals to nourish our minds and bodies. This retreat is a "sober" space and we discourage the use of alcohol or other substances during your stay.

If you are flying, please arrive in Denver by Wednesday September 7th (optional extended stay) by 3pm, or on Thursday September 8th by 1pm, as we would like to get everyone to the venue by 2:30pm on the 8th. There will be car-pool options or rental car availability for those flying into Denver (DIA.) Early arrival on Wednesday September 7th is available for participants for an additional $80 per person and you are welcome to join us for dinner in Granby. If you arrive early you can also explore and dine out where you prefer. We aim to make your retreat experience as easy and fun as possible.

Cost of our all-inclusive Retreat (includes accommodations, meals, hot springs, and all wellness activities)
A $1000 value, only $499!

What is offered at our Wellness Retreat?


Opening Cacao Ceremony: At the beginning of your stay, we will have a circle gathering where we will get a chance to meet and connect with ourselves, each other, and our own unique intentions for this retreat. We will drink 100% pure ceremonial grade cacao and say a prayer, open the heart space, and share intimately with one another. This is a perfect way to start such a magical weekend!

Hot Chocolate

Human Design: Human Design is a game changer. It allows us to step out of our own way, letting go of things that no longer serve us, all the while stepping into our unique power and truth. It is a system of knowledge that teaches us how to use our energy more efficiently, meet less resistance in life, and how to tap into our true potential. It gives us tools to make positive change happen. At this retreat, you will learn the key fundamental elements of your Human Design and how to apply them to your life. 

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Qigong: The ancient practice of Qigong originated by mirroring the movements of Nature. Whether it’s a river flowing, or a tree in the wind, or an animal, these movements are shamanistic in Nature. Combining healing intentions with movement synchronized with the breath, qigong can completely shift a person’s state of being. It’s been scientifically shown even after just one qigong session, there was a significant reduction in cortisol and other stress hormones in the study participants. You will be guided through a gentle and internal 30 min qigong flow to support the body’s vitality, immunity, and clarity. This flow is open to all levels of qigong, and is for all ages. 

Qi (chi) = life force/prana/energy/air

Gong = refined skill/to work with


What is life force energy? It’s the energy of everything. The energy of your body and mind and the energy all around you. 

Tai Chi Class

Breathwork: You will be guided through a gentle parasympathetic breathwork to help clear the mind and relax the body. This will help participants realign with their true authenticity and have an opportunity to expand their willpower, confidence, and trust in themselves. It is a mindfulness practice that allows us to tap into our body, bringing new life (air) into our lungs, while releasing what no longer serves. You will be introduced to a couple different breathwork practices suitable for all ages.


Yoga: We will be practicing yoga with a focus on the foundations of alignment, breath, and fluid movements that support the natural curves of the spine. The aim of this type of yoga is to learn, grow, thrive, and flourish in the beauty of togetherness to embrace a strong sense of community and cultivate personal empowerment. It will guide, strengthen, and enliven you to take your practice to a deeper level by understanding the wisdom of prana from beginning to end. This alignment-based style with a focus on deep core stabilization is for anyone who wants the longevity of a strong yoga practice. It’s not about speed, but doing the little things well. This is a graceful practice that allows the true art of yoga to surface and shine through to every part of your daily life. Namaste everyone!

Yoga Class

Meditation: During your retreat you will be introduced to a couple different forms of meditation including but limited too silent meditation and a sense meditation. 30 minute silent meditation will be offered where participants will be encouraged to find a comfortable position, either sitting or laying down, with the intention of clearing their mind and connecting with the rhythm if their own breath. We invite in this moment of silence to begin the day in a relaxed and rejuvenated state. In addition the sense meditation offered is intended to help a participants become more present without judgement. 

Meditation Group

Sound Healing: During this session, different instruments and sound healing tools will be utilized to assist participants in clearing and resetting their energy field. You will be encouraged to relax and allow yourself to "just be" as we journey through time with sound. You will hear crystal bowls, drums, flutes, tuning forks, and more. Aubrey, a practicing LMT, will be walking around helping you release areas of tension in the body. This practice can offer a complete energetic reset.

Healing Therapy

Vision Board: This retreat is geared towards assisting participants in letting go of what no longer serves them while stepping into their true power and envisioning the life they wish to live. During this activity, you will be encouraged to manifest the person you wish to become and the life you desire to live. We are here to embrace our strengths and realize what may be holding us back in order to create the reality we wish to see.

vision board.jpg

Hapé Clearing Ceremony (optional): Traditionally spelled Rapé, Hapé is a Medicinal Tobacco Snuff made of high quality tobacco and other healing herbs from Brazil and Peru. It has been used by indigenous tribes and shamans for 1,000's of years for its beneficial properties. Hapé is used typically during plant medicine ceremonies or for meditation. It is known to cleanse and clear the energy field and can offer a grounding or uplifting experience, depending on your specific needs or intentions. It can also help clear out mucus, bacteria, and mold from the sinus cavity and nose. The process will be explained and offered to those interested, it is not mandatory.

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Past Retreat Gallery
Rockaway Beach - May '22

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Past Retreat Participants - May 2022

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About Us

*Melissa Baller*

Breathwork and Qigong Facilitator and Music Producer


My name is Melissa and I am a breathwork facilitator, qigong practitioner, music producer, and artist. My journey of self-healing with breathwork began in 2018 when I was battling the peak of my severe depression, anxiety, and ADHD. I was on many different pharmaceuticals at the time as well. A daily breathwork practice helped me wake up and realize I needed to take back conscious control of my health. It helped me reverse all the beliefs that I "needed" medicine to be happy. It got me out of an anxious head and back into a calm body. It helped me feel my emotions again after being numb for years (I literally forgot what real happiness felt like until I began doing breathwork.) Practicing breathwork continues to help me learn how to deeply love and value myself while keeping my mind open and in touch with my intuitive and psychic abilities. After experiencing all of this, I realized how many other people could benefit from this universal self-healing modality. I began to research how to facilitate sessions, and connected with other breathwork facilitators in the community. In 2019, I began hosting breathwork gatherings online and seeing people for 1 on 1's. The transformations are the best part. I've received feedback from clients explaining how they've dropped a bad habit they've had for years; another client also shared how it's helped them formulate a daily routine that better serves them and that their life has been more in alignment since our session. This adventure has truly been an honor and I'm thankful I get to share it with all of you during our retreat. 

To learn more about Melissa or to contact her:

*Tasha-Marie Hannah*

Reiki Practitioner, Human Design Specialist, Co-Founder of Sacred Sol Retreats


Hello Beautiful Souls! My name is Tasha-Marie and I have been a Reiki Practitioner for seven years and have been involved in Human Design for five. Reiki was one of the first holistic healing modalities that lead me down a path towards a life lived with balance and purpose. As I began to clear stagnant energy and release the things that were holding me back from stepping into my truth, I found other tools to help me continue the healing process. Human Design was one of those tools, it allowed me to see my true self and my not-self. I was able to see what conditioning I held onto that was not mine which allowed me to step further into my truth. My focus now is to help others better understand their own energy dynamics while offering support and guidance as they make important changes in their life. I have developed a 4-week integration program to further support those who are ready to show up for themselves and move forward in their life. I am excited to share this knowledge and all that my soul has to offer with every beautiful soul who attends our retreat. See you there!

You can contact Tasha Marie with any questions or comments here:

*Aubrey Andersen*

Massage Therapist, LMT, Certified Yoga Instructor, Co-founder of Sacred Sol Retreats


Hello! My name is Aubrey and I graduated from IBMC in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2012 and have been growing as a Massage Therapist ever since. My educational background and experience in healthcare for the past 10 years compliment my style of massage therapy wonderfully. Since I believe massage therapy is essential to the maintenance and daily rehabilitation of the body, my mission is to support individuals in achieving life balance through personal wellness. The practice of Yoga has been a wonderful healing tool that helps me relax and decompress after my long days as a therapist. I quickly realized how massage and yoga compliment each other and completed my yoga certification. Outside of massage therapy and yoga, I enjoy independent study of natural herbal/holistic/natural remedies and nutrition. As a true Colorado native, I also have a great passion for the outdoors and spend my free time hiking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, biking, and enjoying photography. I love living in Colorado and fully appreciate all of the beauty and sport that this state has to offer.

You can contact Aubrey or find out more about her here:

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