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Client Reviews

These reviews were given to us by some of our amazing clients.

You can find reviews here and on our Facebook Page.

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"My Experience with Tasha Marie was exceptional! I highly recommend her for reiki and energy readings, her readings are very helpful and also clear and to the point.

I have also had a human design reading done by Tasha, as well as follow up sessions to gain clarity. Again, i had a very helpful, clarifying experience."


—  Matthew, Facebook Review

Online Course Reviews

Online Course Reviews
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Lori S.
Long Distance Client

"Sharing life force energy with Tasha helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. I was going through an emotional time which also caused an ongoing medical condition to flare up. The emotional anguish topped with the physical issue was pretty miserable to say the least. I’ve only had (3) 30 minute distance Reiki sessions with Tasha and can honestly say that she helped me cut the negative emotional cord that was weighing me down and keeping me upset, and also helped relieve the physical ailment. Tasha is very good at what she does and is such a kind sweet soul. I feel truly blessed to have found her and to have been able to share universal life force energy with her."

Matt J.
Computer Engineer

"If by sheer Grace you are reading this, you can give your mind a rest, and relax in knowing that you are blessed. I can personally attest that Tasha-Marie is a born intuitive healer. Regardless of any skepticism you may currently have about Reiki or energy “stuff” in general, it’s secondary to the deep caring and inspiration we all need and can receive from this form of medicine. I feel that Tasha’s primary talent is in allowing the wisdom of Spirit (or whatever name you like) to work through her, as a direct conduit to Source, so that you can remember and find your healthy state once again – in whatever customized capacity you need. We are all so unique, there is no formula to help everyone. Tasha embraces this, and facilitates a natural and surrendered flow of life force, restoring and strengthening your soul, on the path towards wellness and awakening."

Joseph G.
Business Owner

"I have been blessed enough to experience the healing energy and touch that Tasha-Marie naturally carries within her.  Both the Reiki and Massage sessions that I have experienced over the course of the past couple years have never failed to leave me in a trance.  The universe speaks through her and is able to provide exactly what I need each and every time.  I would definitely hands down recommend giving her the opportunity to work with you in order to experience what I have experienced on a first hand basis because words can never replace a personal experience and feeling of what you will feel."

Brittany J.
Graphic Design


"Tasha really knows how to make each session special towards you. I've found her massages to be better than any salon and very convenient since she comes to you. Not only is she an amazing person to be around, her talent and energy will blow you away!"

Colin C.
Music Producer

"Tasha made me feel so welcome and at ease! Such a warm and inviting vibe from the start."

Aubrey A.
Massage Therapist

"Tasha has a craft unlike anyone else! She knows exactly how release negative tension physically and spiritually without pointing it out. I have a very physically and mentally taxing job and I need alternative/holistic healing to keep myself healthy. After each session, I feel such an amazing sense of euphoria due to her work. Her reiki sessions leave you feeling energized, recovered and rejuvenated! I have never met such a talented healer! I highly recommend her!"


Raelynn P.

"I have struggled with back pain for the majority of my life. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 14 and my curve was at 63°. After a spinal infusion all of the hardware along my spine was causing more pain than helping so again another surgery was needed to remove all the instrumentation. I feel much better with it out but still struggle with back pain daily. 

After working with Tasha my back felt as good as it had felt in a very long time! She helped me breathe and relax so all the tension could be released. I felt the tension and stress leave through my back, in my neck, down my arms, then out my fingers. It was crazy! They felt all tingly afterwards! I was so grateful and all this work was done at a price I could afford. She is always reliable! Even when she moved away she still came to visit and make time for a healing session! 

Over the years we have tried a few other healing techniques along with massage. Reiki is one of my favorites and she has such a comforting energy that makes the stress relief and healing easy flowing. She created the space for silencing the mind and sitting with feelings and thoughts without getting attached to them.

She also uses tuning forks in our sessions. It is energetic healing - she places it along my spine and chakras. It feels as though my muscles are twitching and releasing energies. After every session my body and mind feel so relaxed and at ease. Definitely an essential part of my pain management program.

I highly recommend her for many reasons as you can see. I can't thank her enough for all she has done! <3"


Kara B.
Computer Analysis

"Tasha is one of the best things to ever happen to me, she works magic on my body! I carry stress in my shoulders and even after one session there is a noticeable difference.


She listens to your needs, is soothing, and focuses on you relaxing. It’s hard letting go of the daily grind but she has a way of helping you disconnect.  


I haven't experienced Reiki, but that is next on my list. If your body needs some tender loving care from someone extremely talented, she’s the best of the best."


Anthony G.
Business Owner

"The services provided here are both integrative and comprehensive! Whether you need body work, a reiki energy tune-up, or a human design chart reading - consider coming here for your sessions (I recommend all of her services!) The reiki is especially powerful and I am almost universally a reiki skeptic."

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