Outdoor Meditation
Everything you need is already inside of you,
Sometimes all you need is a little light to shine the way.

Are you living your best life?


 Do you know your true Potential?

It's time to let go,

shed layers of doubt,

and step into your Power.

Learn how to meet Less Resistance in Life and

Use Your Energy Correctly. 

"Practical knowledge from the Human Design System
inspires those who are ready
to share their uniqueness with the world."
                           - Tasha Marie
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You were born unique,

now its time to embrace it.


What's Next?

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  • Is Human Design right for you? What can you learn from Human Design?

    15 min

    No Fee
  • Detailed Chart Reading with complete portfolio and audio recording.

    1 hr

    $50-$200 USD
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your spouse, friends, or collogues.

    1 hr

    $75-$200 USD
  • Are you needing support along your integration journey?

    1 hr

    $75-$200 USD
  • Calm the mind, clear energy that isn't yours, and regain energy <3

    1 hr

    $50-$100 USD
  • Live Q&A session after your detailed Audio Reading and Portfolio.

    20 min

    No Fee

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Who Am I?


Hello virtual World! My name is Tasha-Marie and I am here to introduce you to the knowledge contained within the Human Design System. We are all born with a special purpose in life and designed to approach life in a unique way. I am here to reconnect you with your true potential - the light within  your soul. Using the Human Design System my goal is to help you discover your power and to shed light on the shadow aspects that may be holding you back. This system of knowledge allows us to meet less resistance in life and shows our true energetic potential.

Through Human Design we become aware of our shadows, and with this awareness we begin to let go of the things that are not ours. This is a de-conditioning process that will happen over time as we experiment with our unique design. We must recognize, accept, and heal the things that hold us from continuing down our own unique path.


So many of us have become trapped in a crazy and chaotic World and have undoubtedly lost sight of who we truly are and why we are here. Starseed, don't frown, for we should not blame ourselves for getting lost.


Whose to blame isn't as important as finding a solution to the biggest issue in the World today:

A disconnect from the soul and its own unique purpose that lives in each one of us.

The solution lives nowhere but inside YOU. Sometimes the only thing we need is a little light shown in the right places to rediscover this truth.


Your higher path is lead by intuition, an inner voice - that knows exactly who you are and what you are here to do. This inner voice knows the potential for happiness and joy, more than you ever thought possible. This inner purpose is something only you can find within yourself. We are all so unique, so why do we keep trying to be like everyone else? It's time to stop pretending, and start believing. It's time to stop just living, and start thriving instead!


"The light in me honors and loves the light in you."


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