Outdoor Meditation
Everything you need is already inside of you,
Sometimes all you need is a little light to shine the way.

Are you living your best life?


 Do you know your true Potential?

It's time to let go,

shed layers of doubt,

and make a change.

Learn how to meet Less Resistance in Life and
Take Back Your Power.


"Practical knowledge from the Human Design System
inspires those who are ready
to share their uniqueness with the world."
                           - Tasha Marie

"My Experience with Tasha Marie was exceptional! I highly recommend her for reiki and energy readings, her readings are very helpful and also clear and to the point.

I have also had a human design reading done by Tasha, as well as follow up sessions to gain clarity. Again, i had a very helpful, clarifying experience."


—  Matthew, Facebook Review

Image by Picsea

You were born
now its time to embrace it.


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