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How Do Generators Manifest? - Human Design

Human Design tells us that it is important to discover the different between our self (our true energy definition) and our potential not-self (where we are open in our design.) As humans, we are here to navigate this world through our open centers. This is how we learn and grow from all of our experiences. With so much conditioning around us, it can be challenging to determine what is ours and what is not. We can easily get stuck in the not self, wasting time, energy, and space on things that are not right for us, ending up frustrated and giving up. This cycle is what ultimately will make it hard for anyone to create the life they want.

This dilemma is why one of the most important thing for generators to do in order to tap into manifestation is to recognize and begin to let go of people, places, and things that pull them into the not-self realm. We must let go of and move on from these situations in order to create new space and energy. This new space and energy opens us up to the field of pure potentiality, which in turn allows our manifestations the opportunity to arise.

As we release ourselves from conditioning and things that no longer serve us, we must then surrender to our strategy and authority. This is where our generator strategy "to respond" and our enveloping aura come into play. If we allow time and space into our lives and focus on our passions and what we enjoy in life, the more likely it will be that our generator aura will attract people, places, and things that are in line with what we wish to manifest in our life. Self-care is also really important here, the healthier we are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, the more likely we are to attract things that are correct for us.

Waiting to respond is an active state of waiting, it's not about "doing nothing." It's about allowing our focus to be on our health, while having goals, dreams, and aspirations that we are working towards. This is a step by step process for Generators... A day to day, responding in the moment type of work, "what will bring me satisfaction today?" As you chip away at these goals and tasks, you'll realize eventually the things you are trying to manifest seem to "just happen."

These things we are trying to manifest will not "just happen" though. You cannot sit on the couch and watch Netflix all day expecting that the life you want will magically manifest for you. You do have to put time and energy into what it is you wish to happen in your life, step by step, day by day. As a generator, if you align with your truth and let go of the grip of the not-self while surrendering to your strategy and authority, you'll be surprised at how quickly / easily your enveloping aura will bring new opportunities for you to respond too.

"Reaching" out into the world to "try" and make things happen for yourself will ultimately end up in burn out and frustration. Instead, shift your focus INWARD, clear out the unnecessary, focus on your passions and what brings you joy, and allow your aura to attract people, places, and things that can help you move forward along your path towards manifestation. If you stay stuck in the realm of the not-self, giving your energy to people, places, and things that no longer serve you, creating the life you want will be extremely difficult.

Try not to lean to far into the future and live in the moment, day by day, responding to life around you. If you lean to far into the future, you will sacrifice strategy and authority and make decisions with the mind, which are usually lead by fear, lack, or insecurity. This is one of the biggest ways to commit to things that are not right for you, causing you to waste time and energy. Generators can visualize the future, they can have hopes, dreams, and aspirations - but they should focus on, "what can I do right now, today, to move towards those goals." Sometimes it's an active step, sometimes it's self care, and it usually involves "waiting to respond" to the proper stimuli to get a "yes" response from their sacral or authority.

What brings you satisfaction and joy? How can you weed out the not-self and all the frustrations? When will you stop holding onto things that no longer serve you in order to step further into your truth?

You've got this, dear generator, one day and one step at a time.


Tasha Marie

Are you interested in learning more about what it means to be a generator? Would you like to find out how to use your Human Design Chart in a practical and applicable way?

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