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Human Design - 2/4 Personality Profile

There is so much knowledge contained within the Human Design System. It is designed to teach and show us important aspects of ourselves, helping us dive deeper into our truth. It can shed light on the shadow aspects of our personality, as well as our inner strengths and natural abilities.

Personality Profile in Human Design shows us our conscious, personality side (who we know and probably think ourselves to be) and our unconscious design side (a side of ourselves that we don't have conscious access too, but that creates forward momentum in our lives. Other people can see this side of us more than we probably can.)

The 2/4 Hermit Opportunist profile brings two polar opposites into the picture. The 2 - Hermit, on the conscious side, is a personality that thrives in their own space and energy. The hermit is someone who benefits greatly from creating a safe and sacred space that they can be left alone to be in their own muse. In order to process, learn, and grow from experiences in life, they must create this alone time for themselves. If they spend to much time being social or over extending themselves, they will end up fatigued, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Without sufficient alone time, hermits can feel burdened by the people, places, and situations they encounter. In order to truly integrate and decompress, they must find time within their schedule to honor the hermit; allowing as much alone time as possible to find clarity along their life path. They can also use their designated alone time to be creative and follow their passions in life.

The hermit is a naturally talented and gifted individual (whether they know it or not.) They are also very modest and typically cannot see their unique talents or gifts unless they are reflected back at them by the people in their lives. This is one reason why it is so important for the hermit to only surround themselves with others who encourage them and see them for who they truly are. As they connect with like minded individuals and continue down their path of truth, their social network will "call them out" of their hermit nature by reflecting back at them their natural abilities. This encourages the hermit to embrace their hidden genius.

The 4 - Opportunist, on the unconscious side, is the social networker. This can sometimes cause tension between the 2 - Hermit personality, and the 4 - Social Networker design. On the surface, the hermit wants to be left alone in its own space to do its own thing... But underneath, they have a strong desire to make a contribution to the world and be a part of a community. They are here to externalize something, to bring something unique and inspiring into this world. The opportunist desires to connect with others that they resonate with on a deep level. They may spend a lot of their lives in and out of a variety of different friend groups, relationships, careers, and social environments, seeking one in which they can fully express their special talents and gifts (that stem from the 2 personality.)

Those with the unconscious 4 in their profile need to be aware that their opportunities come directly from their social network and who they choose to surround themselves with. As a 2/4 grows and evolves they will begin to consciously choose who they share their time, energy, and space with. If they don't, they will more than likely be stuck in a cycle of frustration, disappointment, and fatigue. Ultimately these cycles are there to show them who / what is no longer aligned. They must let go of the people, places, and things that do not support their highest good. If the 2/4 can become the objective observer of their life and begin to set boundaries and make decisions based on their truth, they will align themselves with a supportive community who sees and recognizes them for who they are, appreciating the uniqueness that they bring.

The 2/4 is here to share their unique talents, gifts, and abilities with a social network that sees and recognizes them. This gives them the opportunity to step into their truth and make a difference in the world. They must learn to honor and respect the hermit side of them, while embracing when it's time to come out of their shell and connect socially. In order to fully express themselves, they must be called out into the world, while continually making time to rest in their own space and energy, which nourishes their mind, body, and soul.

Are you a 2/4 personality profile? What is your experience? I'd love to know in the comments below :)

Also, if you don't know what your personality profile is or would like to learn more, I'd love to connect with you! You can sign up for a free 15 minute Human Design Reading HERE or an in-depth donation based reading HERE.

Thanks for reading.

With love and light,

Tasha Marie


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