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How to Create Something New in Your Life - Energy, Time, and Space

Have you ever tried to make positive changes in your life only to come up short, frustrated, and giving up all together? I know this story all too well, but thanks to the knowledge contained within my unique Human Design Chart, I've been able to let go of this destructive pattern which has become virtually non-existent within my daily life.

How did I do this you ask? First and foremost, I dove into experimenting with my Human Design, applying it to my life and observing how situations played out. I allowed myself to detach from the mind and slowly released it's control over my decision making process. As I did this, my sacral authority began to guide my life in ways I never knew possible. Tapping out of the mind and into the body created freedom I never knew I had... I began to listen to my body, to my gut, asking it moment-to-moment if I had the energy to commit to something new or not. I began to say no to things that I actually didn't have the energy for, leaving me feeling empowered and ready to respond to what came next.

Energy isn't the only important factor though... I've realized through my experimentation process that time and space are incredibly important as well. One of my favorite sayings is "you cannot create space where there is no space..." How do you expect to create a new life or a new way of being if you continue to surround yourself with the same people, places, and things that you were involved with prior to beginning your experimentation with Human Design. As you begin your de-conditioning process, observing your tendencies, your patterns... The things in your life in which you dedicate life-force energy to, you will hopefully begin to see what things need to be let go of in order to create new "space" in your life. Through this process you will allow your aura to operate more correctly... Drawing in new experiences, new people, and new things that create a "response" within you. Without this new space however, it will be difficult to make changes or move forward.

As you create more space for new experiences and self-care, weeding out the "energy leaks" in your life, you will actually have more time to see how this new space operates. Time is the third ingredient, as it takes time for new people, situations, and things to arise. For some people this time is hours, days, or weeks... For others it's months, years, or decades. It's important for you to find your own unique rhythm and to let go of expectations or a habit of comparing your life to others. As you do your best to create more space in your life, time becomes your best friend. You can use this new space to focus on you, your passions, and finding your unique life path while allowing your aura to work in your favor. Your aura is powerful, what you focus on is powerful, so who and what your energy is committed to is going to have a huge impact on your quality of life and how much energy you have.

Human Design gives us a powerful tool of recognition. A clear view of our true potential, while also shedding light on our not-self tendencies so that we can begin or continue the de-conditioning process. As we do this we step further into our truth, our power, and the path that is uniquely ours.

We must create space where there isn't space. We must give ourselves time, and patience along the way. We can make great process in a short amount of time, but usually this progress can only be seen after many years of focused attention and effort, much like anything in this life. Allow yourself to conserve your energy and focus it on things that actually matter. Create space in your life so that you may move forward in a positive and productive way; and allow time to work in your favor, while patience becomes your best friend.

I wish you all the very best of luck in your journey with Human Design and the experimentation process. It truly is a spectacular and challenging journey, but beyond rewarding in so many ways.

If you'd like to Learn More about Human Design, please follow any of the links below. If you'd like to receive a FREE Human Design Reading:

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With love and light,

Tasha Marie


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