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How to Integrate Life Lessons

As we move forward and experience our human journey, we encounter many life changing events and learn valuable lessons along the way. We are conditioned by the world around to enjoy familiarity and fear change. We tend to remain stuck in old patterns, habits, or routines; more than likely missing our opportunity to move forward and make the changes we want. This can lead to feelings of desperation or despair; an overall discontentment with life. This discontentment, combined with "feeling stuck," can feel like trekking through deep mud, and the mud is getting deeper.

This is why the Integration process is so CRITICAL to our overall wellbeing and evolution. As we come upon new insights, we must first see these insights for what they are:

'A chance to make a change, to take a step forward, to better ourselves, and to improve our life experience." - Tasha Marie Hannah

After we see our insight clearly, we can begin investigating: "How can I apply this to my life? What changes do I need to make?" It is important to take time during this step to observe yourself, your life, and how you can best apply what you've learned. Change can be instant and spontaneous, or it can be well thought out and planned. It is ultimately up to you what you think is best and how you'd like to incorporate these things into your life.

The next step along the way: Clearing out old energy and making room for the new. We cannot create new things in our life if there is no space to do so. We have to look at the people, places, and things around us. What is no longer serving our highest good and how can we take back some time, space, and energy? This is not always easy. Actually, its usually difficult. Sometimes we have to let go of people or situations that once brought us comfort, joy, or contentment. Follow your intuition and gut and know that sometimes the hardest things to let go of can create the most space. With this space you can invite in new people, places, and things that serve your highest good and are in line with your life purpose and path.

Last but certainly not least: Applying the lesson, making the change, and adding the new insight into your everyday life. This can sometimes be the hardest step to take, but it is also the most crucial in creating lasting and productive change. As I said earlier, humans naturally, almost instinctively, fear change. We must overcome this fear to create forward momentum within our lives. It is work, we must put energy and time into becoming "anew," but the rewards are truly endless.

To many, fulfilling all of these steps seems daunting. I understand, I've been there. Which is why I offer Integration Sessions to help people move through the steps listed above. My goal is to hold a safe container for you to share, vulnerably if you like; to process your experiences and new life lessons and insights, and to offer guidance throughout your integration process.

You've got this! You're supported in more ways than you even know. Sometimes, we just have to get out of our own way. We have to let go, embrace change, and step into the unknown. It can be scary, it can be intimidating, but once you've done it, you will realize how amazing it feels to be on the other side.

Please contact me about the Integration Sessions offered, or, for more information, view my about me here, or other blog posts here <3

Love and Light to you along your unique journey,

Tasha Marie


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