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What Will I Learn From My Human Design Chart?

Each and everyone of us are born with a one of a kind energetic imprint, which also means we are all here on Earth to fulfill a unique purpose, unlike any other. Human Design is a guide and roadmap that shows specific details about how your energy works. It can affirm who you really are by helping you let go of things that are not yours, showing you areas of potential conditioning and trauma. By doing this you can step more fully into your truth and power, embracing your authentic self.

What will I learn from my Human Design Chart?

1. It will provide you the tools and information needed to live aware and awake in this day and age. A simple strategy that you can trust and a reliable inner authority that can help you make moment-by-moment decisions that are correct for you. Learning to incorporate your strategy and authority is vital to following your unique life path and purpose.

2. This specific life strategy will help you eliminate resistance (frustration, anger, disappointment, bitterness) and fear in order to approach life in a more relaxed, creative, and evolutionary way. As you relax more into the flow of life it will be easier to listen to your inner authority and make the correct decisions for YOU.

3. Your chart shows you your relationship dynamics and will help you better understand how to navigate the World of interacting with others and the outside environment. You will begin to see why certain conflicts occur and how to approach them in a more effective way in order to solve the issue. If you can hold space for yourself and others as you navigate the realm of the not-self world, you will be better off and more likely to move forward, rather than being stuck in old patterns and habits.

4. It will give you guidance on how to align yourself with people who enhance your vitality, support your life purpose, and share similar life paths. If you are stuck in a conditioned, not-self life, those are the energies your aura will attract. As you remove yourself from those situations, you create space in your life to invite in higher frequencies and people who are more aligned with your truth.

5. Once you begin to understand your own chart, you can begin to understand the charts of others. Reading the charts of friends and family can illustrate how truly unique and individual we all are. It can help you better understand the other and how to respect and interact with them properly, according to their unique design.

6. A Human Design Chart can also show us how to create the best environment for our children so that they can grow up empowered to be their unique selves; growing and learning as individuals with a specific yet one of a kind life purpose. It can help parents understand their children on a deeper level and allow them to nurture according to their child's specific design.

7. We all have a unique purpose in life and Human Design is a in-depth and comprehensive users-guide to help us find and fulfill this purpose. It is here to reconnect us with our true selves, our higher selves, and to help the evolution of consciousness on this planet.

Please view our other posts to learn more or write us to obtain your FREE Introductory Human Design Reading. We also offer In-Depth readings and are here to serve the greater good of humanity <3

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Tasha Marie

**Information sourced from: The Definitive Book Of Human Design, By Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu, June 2017, HDC Publishing


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