What Is The Human Design System?

Human Design is the science of Differentiation. This field of study shows us that each and everyone of us are born unique and are designed to approach life in a specific and defined way. Endless possibilities lie within our genetic matrix. This genetic matrix allows each and everyone of us to be born with a specific genetic imprint. This imprint is a guide to living life as authentically as we can. Learning about our Human Design allows us to efficiently and effectively work towards fulfilling our own unique purpose here on Earth.

Human Design is not a belief system, it does not ask you to believe in anything; it simply invites you to participate in a potentially life-changing experiment. Practical tools and information are provided to help you learn to live life authentically as yourself. Without this part of the system, the "experimentation" part, Human Design is just a complex system of intriguing information to entertain us.

A Human Design Chart, also called a BodyGraph, is a map and user guide that gives you access to information that is usually hidden in your one of a kind genetic imprint. This information shows you how you are designed to engage with the World and also how your own unique inner guidance system works.

We can now clearly see how the conscious and unconscious parts of us contribute to the way we live our everyday lives. These are aspects of ourselves that no one can ever take away from us, and if we can tap into them we can begin fulfilling our purpose with more ease than we ever thought possible.

In Human Design we learn about different aspects of ourselves that we may have never known about before. While we learn about traits that ARE us, we also begin to see which things ARE NOT us. This allows us to begin shedding layers of old patterns and prior conditioning that no longer serves us.

We are all born to this Earth, and we share the Earth, but that does not mean we are all here for the same reason. We are designed to be different from one another, so why do we keep trying to be the same? It's time to see and get in touch with our differences. It is time we live our lives to the fullest and express our inner most truths.

Let us begin to truly understand ourselves. Help us let go of comparing ourselves to others. When we begin to see and understand our own uniqueness, something inside of us opens up and begins to relax. Many layers of conditioning begin to melt away and at last the person we are meant to be begins to emerge.

It is time.

The time is now.

Please view our other posts to learn more or write us to obtain your FREE Basic Human Design Chart. We also offer IN-DEPTH readings and are here to serve the greater good of humanity <3

Thank you for reading,


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**Information sourced from: The Definitive Book Of Human Design, By Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu, June 2017, HDC Publishing

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