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What is a FREE Energetic Profile?

An Energetic Profile is a non-invasive and simple examination of the 7 major energy centers of the body, also known as chakras. It is said in Reiki Healing that everything has an energetic starting point. As we determine which centers are stagnant, blocked, or lacking essential life-force energy, we can begin to figure out the steps that are needed to replenish the energy field and release the things that no longer serve us.

This profile can be done in person or long distance and is equally effective both ways. In order to determine the state of each chakra, a 10-15 minute Reiki session and chakra examination needs to be done. Afterwards, a chakra profile is created and from there we can discuss what further actions need to be taken in order to restore balance to the field.

Here at Reconnect with Soul, we use intuitive life-coaching to create individualized plans to restore balance and harmony to our lives. We use reiki healing, sound balancing, essential oil massage, and practical health applications to guide our process. We strive to shine light in areas that may currently be dark and dangerous to our wellbeing. This darkness can grow inside of us and create unnecessary stress, anxiety, depression, and a multitude of other symptoms including but not limited to physical ailments, emotional distress, spiritual confusion, and/or mental disorders. We work together with the client to figure out the root of their distress instead of simply treating symptoms.

Today is the day we take responsibility for what is going on in our lives. Today we work towards balance and harmony throughout our mind, body, and soul.

Contact us now to receive your FREE energetic profile and begin your path towards health and wellness today. Feel free to email us at or use the contact form on our site.




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